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This is a rant about how a majority of the fandom treats Sakura Haruno based on some important scenes in Shippuden. There will be a little bit of anti-Hinata statements, but I am not bashing Hinata, I am going to be pointing out how much of the fandom idolizes her and how they insult Sakura just…


"Hinata risks her life for Naruto. Sakura would never do that."


Actually Sakura risked her life WHILE Naruto was 4 Tails and she selflessly threw herself, because she was thinking that in this way she could bring the old Naruto. She threw herself in front of Naruto in Road to ninja even…


I kinda fangirled a bit over this caption.. xD


I kinda fangirled a bit over this caption.. xD


This theory was meant to be published loong time ago, but oh well .. I have a life :-)

Okay, let’s put our focus on our queen Sakura. I know many of you are calling her useless yada yada .. keep your shit shut.

Okay, I don’t know if you remember, but long time ago I did mention that Sakura…


Destined to save the world

When Kaguya insults Sasuke using Itachi…


*High pitched girl scream*


you know shit is getting serious when Sasuke actually starts talking

"You may try to strike me. I shall take your life before you can finish a single swing of your sword." Kuchiki Byakuya